Alicia Cummings

With Coffee and Jesus I hope to create a relatable outlet for fellow moms and Christians

Hi, I’m Alicia. A wife going on 9 years, I am also a full-time mother of Three fearfully and wonderfully made children. Im a newly found and devoted Christian, in the process of bettering myself. I still have lots to learn, so walk with me on this journey I call life.

  • Ruel a man to be remembered
    Ruel was a good and faithful servant, Someone who truly put others before himself. After attending his funeral I learned so much more about him. He has impacted so many…More
  • I will Praise You in this Storm!
    If I had to explain these past few weeks the only word I could use is Rough. My toddler has fully discovered tantrums, The girls have been extra sassy and…More
  • Bless this MESS❤️
    As I’m sitting here procrastinating cleaning I can’t help but think about how my house can represent my mood or mentality. I’ve noticed a pattern where when I’m super happy…More
  • Hold your Tongue 😛
    Matthew 12:37; “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” Colossians 3:8; “But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath,…More
  • Being A Godly Mother
    Alright I realize with this subject I am subjecting myself to Criticism. However the sermon from this past Sunday preached by Pastor Johannesburg really got some tables turning in my…More
  • Are you Worthy?
    The thing about this question is its really the same answer for everyone… No, we arent worthy of Gods love but you know what? he loves us anyway. I’ve struggled…More